NUML JCI follows the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines on appeals to journal editor decisions and complaints about a journal’s editorial management of the peer review process.

If you wish to appeal a journal editor’s decision, please submit an appeal letter to the journal’s online editorial office ( Please address this to the editor and explain clearly the basis for an appeal. You should:

1. Detail why you disagree with the decision. Please provide specific responses to any of the editor’s and/or reviewers’ comments that contributed to the reject decision.

2. Provide any new information or data that you would like the journal to take into consideration.

3. Provide evidence if you believe a reviewer has made technical errors in their assessment of your manuscript.

4. Include evidence if you believe a reviewer may have a conflict of interest.

The editorial committee is responsible to receive all such complaints by email and set up the hearing and resolve of the issue within 20-25 days of receipt of the complaint.